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Hardback:Little me; my life from A-Z:2017 Little me; my life from A-Z
Author: Lucas, 1974-
Publication year: 2017
Language: English
Media class: Hardback
Classification: 920/LUC
Publisher: Canongate
Resource type: Physical
ISBN: 9781786890863
Welcome to my autobiography. I see they've made my teeth whiter in the photo, so that's good. Throughout this book I talk about my life and work, including 'Little Britain', 'Come Fly With Me', 'Bridesmaids', 'Les Miserables', 'Alice In Wonderland' and, of course, 'Shooting Stars'. The thing is, this is a bit different to most memoirs you may have read, because it comes in the form of an A-Z. For instance, B is for Baldy! - which is what people used to shout at me in the playground (not much fun), G is for Gay (because I'm an actual real life gay) and T is for the TARDIS (because I'm a companion in Doctor Who now). You get the sort of thing.
Additional information: 304 pages, 24 cm
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