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Garrabearbmagirji:Missing, presumed:2016 Missing, presumed
Dahkki: Steiner, 1971 or 1972-
Almmustahttinjahki: 2016
Giella: eaŋgalasgiella
Materiálašládja: Garrabearbmagirji
Kategoriija: Čáppagirjjálašvuohta
Goasttideaddji: The Borough Press
Hápmi: Fysálaš
ISBN: 9780008123284 0008123284
A young woman vanishes. A smear of blood in the kitchen of the house she shares with her boyfriend suggests a struggle. As soon as DS Manon Bradshaw sees the photograph of missing Edith Hind - a beautiful Cambridge post-grad from a well-connected family - she knows the case will be big. And she's right: pressure soon mounts from the media and from on high. Can Manon see clearly enough to solve the mystery of Edith's disappearance? Can she withstand intimidation from Sir Ian Hind, Edith's father, who has friends in high places? An
Lassedieđut: 400 pages, 23 cm
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Brilliant story, very well written. The plot keeps you guessing throughout. Characters are well rounded and police procedures and ways of working seem convincing to an outsider. I loved the main character Manon, with all of her faults. Genuinely could not put this down and will definitely read her o
Surrey Live
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