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Dipmabearbmagirji:A killer's confession:2020 A killer's confession
Dahkki: Edwards
Dahkki: Lucy
Almmustahttinjahki: 2020
Giella: eaŋgalasgiella
Materiálašládja: Dipmabearbmagirji
Luohkká: 364.152
Goasttideaddji: Headline
Hápmi: Fysálaš
ISBN: 9781472266668
A mother's story behind one of the most dramatic true crime cases in recent history. 'I have lived every parent's worst nightmare. On what would have been my daughter's 29th birthday, Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher knocked on the door and told me my beautiful Becky was dead. She had been found buried in a shallow grave in a remote field in the Gloucestershire countryside. Becky had been brutally murdered.' This is Karen's story of an unbreakable love for her daughter despite unimaginable tragedy: from her despair through Becky's troubled teenage years, to the agonising eight years when Becky was missing, and then the dramatic story of how a killer's confession led to a terrible discovery. Karen was thrown into a world where the truth was never guaranteed; where taxi driver Christopher Halliwell nearly got away with murder; where the police officer who found her daughter was punished instead.
Lassedieđut: 336 pages, 20 cm
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